12 Best Clutter Free Minimalist Gifts for Mom

Inside: Here you’ll find 12 perfect clutter free minimalist gifts for her. Minimalists love gifts that leave us with less to do and manage. These gift ideas will help you give the minimalist mom in your life the perfect gift this year. *This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience at no additional cost to you.

Over breakfast, my son asked me a peculiar question. He said,

“Mom? What does your perfect day look like?”

It kind of caught me off guard because typically his breakfast questions sound more like, “Why do we have to have cereal today?” or “Can you tell Amelia to stop licking her milk like a kitty? It’s gross.”

So I paused and really thought about it. What a sweet boy to ask such a thoughtful question.

minimalist gifts for her

I proceeded to explain that my perfect day would begin with my favorite power yoga class, followed by lunch at my favorite bookstore cafe, and then I’d spend the afternoon writing there. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Well, my son didn’t think so at all. He couldn’t decide whether to laugh at my “joke” or take offense to the fact that my perfect day didn’t involve spending any time with my children. Whoops! #footinmouth

I spent the next few minutes backpedaling, assuring him that my most favorite day would definitely involve fishing with my children. (Since untangling fishing line is sooo relaxing).

And that right there is motherhood in a nutshell. We even sacrifice our favorites for the sake of our kids. Quite honestly, it doesn’t bother us one bit. It’s just what we do.

A Minimalist Mother’s Day

When it comes Mother’s Day, minimalist moms are really no different than every other mom. We all just want our people to show us how much they appreciate us. It’s just that minimalist moms prefer that the appreciation shown doesn’t add clutter.

While I can’t promise you an hour and half long power yoga session, I’ve put together a list of clutter free minimalist gift ideas that are sure to please the minimalist mom in your life.

Clutter Free Minimalist Gift

1. Perishables and Consumables

  • Freezer Meals

Consumable gifts are some of my most favorites, especially the ones that leave me with less to do. If someone gifts me a frozen casserole or soup you’ll have my heart for all eternity.

  • Fruit of the Month Club: Harry & David Pears

These pears are melt in your mouth delicious. My inlaws have gifted them to me for Christmas every year for as long as I can remember. They are delicious. Beware though, you’ll probably have to share them with your kids.

  • Flowers and plants

I used to see flowers as a waste of money. After all, they eventually die. Minimalism has made plants one of my most favorite gifts. They add such beauty to a room.

minimalist gifts for her

  • Favorite Snacks Basket

Fill a basket with all of her favorite snacks, teas, coffees, kombucha, wine or candies.

  • A Case of Her Favorite Wine

That’s right, I just said a case of wine. I’m from Michigan and our state has a small, but ever-growing wine industry. Hidden on the backside of a hill in Traverse City, Michigan is a small winery called L. Mawby. It’s my favorite winery to visit when we make our way up north, but I can’t get my favorite of their wine where I live.

Every now and then, Paul orders me a case of the bubbly to sip on throughout the year.

2. Grocery Delivery Service

Sign her up for a membership to Shipt or Instacart.

3. Digital Course, Memberships and Classes

Keep in mind, many digital courses open and close throughout the year. If you give her a course, she may not be able to access it for a couple of months. But moms are notoriously patient, especially when it comes to self care and personal growth. If it’s something she’d really love, she’s likely willing to wait.

Use a FREE printable Mother’s Day coupon to let her know what’s coming her way.

4. Online Workout Membership

Beachbody on Demand– Shaun T. Fitness workouts are killer!

Yoga Glo– I’m absolutely loving this right now!

Barre 3

5. Digital Magazine Subscription

Here is one of my favorites:

Simplify Magazine: This is a quarterly, digital magazine covering all things simplicity. It’s loaded with excellent articles by quality writers. The topics vary from season to season and I’m always learning something new here.

6. Homemade Coupon for a Mom’s Favorite Things Day

Maybe, just maybe, mom can have her “perfect” day after all. Download these printable coupons to give mom a special experience or gift her a day to herself.

minimalist gifts for her

7. Air B&B Gift Card

We love to travel with our kids, but cramming five people into a hotel room with two queen beds is a recipe for sleep deprivation, bad attitudes and needing a vacation from your vacation. Renting an Air BnB however, offers us the chance to spread out a bit, save money on meals, wash our clothes and enjoy some amenities a hotel just can’t offer.

An Air BnB gift card is more than a gift, it’s a promise of an adventure.

8. Minimalist Beauty Products

I’ve recently fallen for Subtl Beauty products. (Not an ad). I love how these products are small and stackable while going a long way. Switching the Subtl Beauty has helped clear the clutter from my make-up drawer and travel bag.

9. Meal Delivery Service

We had a lot of fun doing Hello Fresh this winter for a few weeks. There are plenty of local options as well. For example our Nashville friend uses, Eat Well Nashville for ready made meal delivery.

10. Books:

You know the saying, “You gotta spend money to make money?” Well that’s how I view simplicity books. It’s an investment in less. Sometimes you’ve got to add an item to help you let go of many more!

An Audible subscription or Amazon Kindle credit could help you give these books without actually gifting the physical book if that’s more her style.

minimalist gifts for her

Here are 7 books the minimalist mom in your life will enjoy, assuming she hasn’t already read them.

Messy Minimalism, by Rachelle Crawford (That’s me!)

The Minimalist Way, by Erica Layne

Simple Happy Parenting, by Denaye Barahona (Releasing in June!!)

Soulful Simplicity, by Courtney Carver

The Minimalist Home, by Joshua Becker

Minimalism For Families, by Zoe Kim

The Minimalist Kitchen, by Melissa Coleman

11. Excursion On an Upcoming Vacation 

Does the mom in your life have a vacation on the horizon? Consider booking an excursion or spa treatment for her to enjoy on her trip. You could book directly through the hotel, cruise, or search for popular activites on TripAdvisor.

We’ve taken food tours and tried a cooking class in Paris. We did a wine tasting in Florence and a catamaran day trip in Aruba. Vacation excursions like these would make a great gift!

minimalist gifts for her

12. Donate to a Charity in Her Name

There are so many incredible charities you could donate to on behalf of the mom in your life. Think about what pulls at her heart. Is she currently involved in a ministry or charity you could make a donation to?

Here are a few I’m a big fan of.

Most of All Give Intentionally

There is no need to buy something for the sake of buying something. I’d prefer a $5 gift card to my favorite coffee shop over $500 in stuff I don’t need. No matter what minimalist gifts you choose to give, make it an intentional one.

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