6 Reasons You Should Create an Uncluttered Home

Inside: Clutter is a distraction from the things that matter most. Here you’ll find 6 reasons you should live an uncluttered life. 

I feel like a different person today than I did just a few years ago. One could say it’s my 30’s, or the fact that I’ve finally moved past the potty training stage of motherhood, but I’m certain it’s minimalism.

I was made to own less stuff. Minimalism suits me.

An uncluttered life is about so much more than the number of sweaters in your closet or which toys you keep for your child and which you donate. It’s transforming your mindset. It’s a way of life that leads to less baggage, both physically and mentally.


Learning to let go may start with kitchen towels, but it quickly migrates into much deeper areas of the heart. It can set you free if you let it.

6 Reasons You Should Create an Uncluttered Home

1. Less Stress

Getting rid of my clutter has finally made coming home an enjoyable experience. It wasn’t until I created a minimalist home that I realized just how much my excess stuff contributed to my anxious state of mind. 

As I let go of the clutter, the extras, and the unnecessary excess, I noticed the low grade anxiety went right along with it. Your home can become a place for filling up instead of always sucking you dry.

2. More financial freedom

I thought keeping everything around would save me money in the long run. It just wasn’t the case. Not only was I constantly buying duplicates, eventually our clutter needed more square footage than our home had to offer. It came down to choosing between our stuff or our home. I found minimalism in the nick of time.

Instead of over extending our finances to buy a bigger home and accommodate more stuff, we’ve found joy, peace, and contentment with the home we have.

We fit inside our home again.

As our personal possessions began to hold less value to us, we started buying less stuff all together. We now have more cash to spend on adventures and opportunities for generosity.

3. Less Time Spent Cleaning

It’s basic math. With less to pick up, you’ll spend less time picking up.

For someone like me, whose natural tendency is messiness, this has been one of the sweetest gifts this life of less has to offer. If you hate cleaning, it’s time to get uncluttered!

4. More Time For the Things You Enjoy

Since we get to spend less time cleaning and maintaining physical possessions, we get to spend more time doing the things we love. Sometimes that may be a new adventure or a chance to start a big project you’ve dreamed of. Other times it’s spending more time in a good book, fishing with your grandkids or an evening bingeing a new Netflix series.



Doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s not cleaning and organizing junk.

5. Love Your Home Again

Sure my kids still disperse their belongings all over the house every. single. day. But there’s a difference between clutter and the messiness of family life. Besides, I can’t really go about decluttering my kids can I?…Wait, can I? I’m kidding! Obviously.

Our home now has room enough for each member of our family to keep and store the things we love. We simply had to let go of all of the stuff we didn’t.

Becoming a minimalist gave me back my home.

I spent years trying to find the correct combination to unlock perfect organization. Shuffling stuff from one room to another, purchasing new organizational systems, totes, bins and containers, all in an attempt to make more space for our stuff. Letting go solved our organizational problem and left me with more empty bins than I could ever fill again.

6. More Confidence

I’ve always felt a little out of place. I’ve never been very good at keeping home or particularly fashionable. I have a comical inability to choose paint colors and an awkward “couldn’t care less” attitude when it came to seasonal decor.

It makes sense now. Getting uncluttered gave me permission to own my “wonkiness” with confidence.

Becoming a minimalist gave me back my home, my heart and my time. What could getting uncluttered do for you?

Sick of the clutter, but not quite sure “minimalism” as you know it is for you? You’re probably right. Minimalism as you know it, probably isn’t for you. It wasn’t for me either.

messy minimaism

Because of that, Messy Minimalism was born. Messy Minimalism is a doable, grace-based approach to living a clutter free life. It frees you up to embrace the mess, live with less and create an imperfectly perfect home for you.
Messy Minimalism is available NOW from your favorite book retailer or library. 😉

For more information on Messy Minimalism head to MessyMinimalism.com

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4 thoughts on “6 Reasons You Should Create an Uncluttered Home

  1. Uncluttering has allowed me the precious time I need to begin healing from Cancer. I started pairing down last June. It felt like a good time, and none of the kids wanted anything I had saved ( I now understand why).

    I have little energy from chemo, but with a simplified lifestyle, and a decluttered home, it takes me 5 minutes to walk trough and tidy up.

    Everything is easier, quicker, and allows me the time necessary to go through treatments and surgeries, and recovery. I have simplified finances too, putting all household bills on auto pay and setting up everything possible to draft out of our account.

    I do not have to worry as I once did. I am saving more and spending less. Every purchase is “targeted”. That mean is is purposely purchasing something that will be meaningfully for myself or my husband. We also spend less on food, we cook 2 meals at a time. We have a ” targeted” spending limit of $5.00 per meal or less. We do buy meats on sale and have a freezer. I can in the summer with my girlfriends. It is amazing how life changes when you let go of everything, which means nothing!

  2. Such great points, Rachelle! It continually amazes me how we keep uncovering new benefits to our minimizing. Things that I would never have thought of, in the beginning of our journey, have enriched our lives in so many ways. We will never regret letting go of so much to find such a deep sense of peace. So wonderful to visit with a fellow traveler on this journey! God bless you and your family.

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