100 Gifts Ideas For Minimalists of All Ages

Inside: Here you’ll find a not so minimalist list of gifts for minimalists of all ages. *For your convenience this post may contain affiliate links at no additional cost to you. As always, shop around and buy used first. 

Curb the Clutter

The holidays are fast approaching. They have me decluttering and prepping in order to confidently take on this season of excess.

Prior to minimalism, I would go absolutely crazy purchasing gifts for my family. Each year, worse than the previous one. I thought it was just my thing.

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However, this Holiday season doesn’t have to be like every other. We don’t have to impulse purchase and spend a crazy amount of money, causing our family and others to accumulate unnecessary items. Items that ultimately provide short term joy, and long term clutter.

When your perspective on purchasing and owning material items changes, it will inevitably flow into the way you give and receive gifts.

A “less is more” approach to gifting during the holidays will help you cut back on the clutter while stock piling your favorite things about Christmas: closeness, connection, memories and cozy moments.

This post is packed with a not-so-minimalist list of gifts for minimalists of all ages. Here you’ll find everything from simple, tangible gifts to wild and crazy experiences.

Note for 2020: A handful of these ideas are simply unavailable to us during 2020. Experiences are hard to come by this year, but that doesn’t mean we have to give more random gifts this year. It simply means we need to get more intentional. 

Here’s to curbing the clutter, preventing accumulation and opting to give with intention this Holiday season!

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100 Christmas Gifts for Minimalists

  1. Movie theater tickets
  2. Car detail service
  3. House cleaning, organizing or decluttering services: Organizing With Katie Love -local favorite
  4. Consumable products
  5. Salon blow out: Refined Beauty Hair Salon, Rouge Hair Studio – local favorites
  6. High end beauty product they’d never buy themselves
  7. Family Photo Shoot: Kristy Photography, JamieLynn Photography local favorites
  8. Swimming lessons (We love ISR. It’s a bit of a commitment, but worth it!)
  9. Fitness class
  10. Gym membership or online workout subscription: YMCA, BeachBody On Demand, Yogaglo
  11. Online Course: You can find some of my favorite online courses and memberships here.
  12. Birchbox
  13. Zoo membership
  14. Museum membership or day pass
  15. State Park parking pass: Where to purchase Michigan Recreation Passport
  16. Chauffeured wine tasting tour
  17. Wine
  18. Overnight getaway (bonus points if you also offer to babysit)
  19. Indoor adventure park coupon: Rock climbing, trampoline park, mini-golf, laser tag
  20. Family vacation in lieu of gifts
  21. Pedicure or Manicure
  22. iTunes gift cards
  23. Monthly membership for perishable goods: Vinebox, BlueApron, Hello Fresh
  24. Massage
  25. Pre-made freezer meals!!
  26. Window washing service
  27. Lawn mowing service
  28. Concert tickets
  29. Day trip and lunch at a local event: Art Prize, Jazz Festival, etc.
  30. Audible subscription
  31. Spotify Premium, Pandora Plus, XM radio
  32. Canoe, tubing or kayak trip
  33. In home chef for an evening
  34. A unique spa experience: mud wrap, body treatments
  35. CSA shares (Community Supported Aggriculture)
  36. Restaurant or take-out gift certificate
  37. Road trip gift basket: candy, chips, gas card, iTunes gift card
  38. Replace a beauty product that’s running low: face lotion, exfoliant, makeup etc.
  39. Unique lessons: scuba diving, horse back riding, cooking classes, music lessons
  40. An awesome experience: race car driving, back stage passes, paintball
  41. Unique camps: Ninja Warrior Camp, college sports camp
  42. Comedy show tickets
  43. Tickets to the local theater
  44. Escape room
  45. Sporting event tickets
  46. Perishable themed gift basket: wine, beer, gourmet snacks
  47. Book and coffee gift basket/ Amazon gift card for a book & coffee shop gift card
  48. Really any type of themed gift basket: movie night, game night, baking, art etc.
  49. Family water park day trip or overnight stay
  50. Kids day out coupons: Day hike, aquarium, zoo, fishing, ice-cream, theater, amusement park.

Tangible Minimalist Gift Ideas For Kids

I recognize that giving experiences instead of stuff can often be easier than it sounds. It can be difficult to make the shift away tangible gifts. Especially if you’re a doting grandmother who has been gifting an abundance of toys for as long as you can remember. No matter what you give this holiday season, it’s important to do so with intention.

Here are a few gift ideas that encourage imagination, improve fine and gross motor skills, and promote education. These toys range in age groups and price, significantly.

Keep in mind, this is not a list of must-haves. Rather, consider it a list of suggestions to point you in the right direction, help keep out the junk and focus on gifts that truly keep on giving.

  1. Personalized calendar or photo book: Shutterfly or Snapfish
  2. I See Me books
  3. Melissa and Dough wood building blocks, Treemagination wooden blocks
  4. Osmo Ipad Genius Kit –Compatible iPad required
  5. Perishable foods/snacks you don’t typically purchase: Cracker Barrel syrup, favorite sugary cereal, Nutella, Sprite, Gatorade, Pringles
  6. Books: Cindertoot, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?  The Giving Tree 
  7. Live butterfly garden
  8. Build your own robot, littleBits, or droid inventor kit
  9. Plants
  10. Laser Tag GunsOur all-time favorite family past time
  11. Science experiments: Crystal growing kit, geode kit
  12. Moonlite Projector
  13. Face paint crayons
  14. Water table
  15. Musical instrument: toddler music play, keyboard, guitar, ukelele
  16. Games to bring the family together: Rug Checkers, Sorry, Princess Cupcake Game, Risk, Ticket To Ride
  17. Dress up clothes
  18. Box of paper, scotch tape and a stapler (seriously! Always a winner)
  19. Critter case and magnifying glass
  20. Wall decals
  21. Doll House
  22. Solar System String Lights by Steam Powered Girls (I think I love these more than my kids)
  23. Homemade play dough kit (mix dry ingredients in bag and include further instructions)
  24. Camping supplies: sleeping bag, lantern, tent
  25. Gardening tools, seeds
  26. Regift something from your own childhood (I had saved a handmade doll from my grandmother and gifted it to my daughter. She adores it!)
  27. Bathing suits, sprinkler and goggles (go great with swim lesson gift certificate)
  28. Lap Desk
  29. Hunting equipment
  30. Needed sports equipment: New cleats, balls, clubs, leotard, or money toward team fees
  31. Swing set: One big gift in lieu of multiple smaller gifts. Extended family can donate to the cause.
  32. Basketball hoop
  33. Fairy garden accessories (we love to build our own natural houses and decorate with fairy and animal figurines)
  34. Sidewalk chalk
  35. Magnatiles
  36. Gonge Riverstones, Foam Climber
  37. Kindle E-Reader
  38. Bike
  39. Bike accessories: helmet, bell, basket
  40. Scooter
  41. Wagon
  42. Fishing pole, tackle box and lures
  43. Monthly kit subscription: Kiwi Crate (My kid’s LOVED this gift. Careful to not select auto renew!!)
  44. National Geographic Magazine Subscription
  45. Tree swing
  46. Play kitchen
  47. Bubble bath
  48. Paints and craft supplies: Pearlescent watercolors, Shrinky Dink Paper
  49. Lego Car/Wheel Parts
  50. National Geographic DaVinci Build Your Own Catapult Kit

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too many christmas presents

A Note to the Minimalist…

Remember, we must model gratitude and contentment for our kids in all circumstances. This means if we get bombarded with a bunch of toys we may not have chosen to purchase, we still show gratitude

Ultimately people just want to love you and your kids. Let them. Model the grace and gratitude you hope to see in your children.

I recognize it took my 35 years to arrive in this place and I haven’t been here for all that long. It’s an adjustment for my family as much as it has been for me.

Take a big breath and prepare accordingly.


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100 Minimalist Holiday Gift Ideas

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