30 Perfect Gift Ideas For Minimalist Moms

Inside: If you’re looking for the best gifts for minimalist moms this year, look no further. Shopping for a minimalist doesn’t have to be intimidating. Here are 30 thoughtful, clutter free gifts she’s sure to love. 

Mother’s Day is my most favorite holiday. Mostly because It requires very little from me and I can almost taste the Lake Odessa, Michigan Meyer’s Bakery nutty donut I get to wake up to. (Eh hem, Paul. Don’t forget). Their donuts are on point.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a post about donuts. Although maybe if every post was about donuts the world would be a better place.

Gifting to a minimalist mom can feel like tricky. Those close to me watched as I ruthlessly edited my home and continue to observe the scrutiny I put items through before making any purchases. I can understand their hesitancy when approaching me with a gift.

However, I don’t believe gifting to a minimalist is as difficult as it sounds.

Best Gifts for Minimalist Moms

The best part of receiving any gift is the feeling of being seen, known and loved for who you are. This is true of all of us.

Try to set aside your own wants, needs and desires when giving a gift. Minimalist moms still love to receive gifts, it’s just that the type of gifts we love tend to be counter cultural. We’re less about the stuff, and more about the experience.

Gifting me a bag of oyster crackers and a Tupperware full of frozen crab soup to heat and serve on a rainy day will bring me more joy than most anything else.

Here are 30 perfect gift ideas that are sure to please the minimalist mom in your life.

30 Best Gifts For Minimalist Moms

1. The Gift of Alone Time

I polled some friends and family for this post and the most requested Mother’s Day was guilt free, uninterrupted alone time.

This is especially true of those with little ones. We just want a day where we don’t have to wipe anything, feed anybody, cook anything, find anything or break up an argument. The single best gift you can give a mom, minimalist or not, is the gift of alone time.

2. Breakfast in bed!

This one pairs nicely with guilt free uninterrupted alone time…and a mimosa.

3. A Recess

I was recently introduce to Recess by a friend and really enjoyed it. It’s a refreshing, sparkling alternative to alcohol that has a subtle calming effect. I reached out to Recess and they’ve given me an affiliate coupon to share with you, friends and family. Use ABUNDANT for 15% off. 

minimalist mothers day gift

4. Keepsake Journal From Each of My Kids

My husband has been doing this for me for a couple of years.

In lieu of cards, I have three journals, one from each of my kids. Every Mother’s Day they write in it, draw a picture, trace their hand, or anything else they feel like. It’s one of my most precious gifts. It’s a true treasure.

5. Experiences or Family Outings

  • Family adventure day
  • Beach day
  • Picnic and park
  • Hiking outing
  • Golfing
  • Bowling

A lot of work goes into planning and executing family outings. I’d love to have someone else be in charge of making it all come together so I can just hop in the car and go.

7. Sentimental Jewelry…but only if that’s her thing

This isn’t for everyone, so be sure and ask first.

The Vintage Pearl is my go to for sentimental jewelry.  I’ve gifted items from this store to many family and friends. I even purchased my favorite necklace here and wrapped it up for my kiddos to give me for Christmas.

8. Personalized Garden Stone

We made these with my kids’ names and handprints in them for grandparents this last Christmas. They turned out great! I’m hoping to make one for myself this summer. Here is the brand we used.

9. Car Detailing Service

I could use this one weekly, but that would grow rather pricey. Every Mother’s Day my husband takes the kids to the garage and they “surprise” me by cleaning out the car themselves. Swoon.

10. The 12 Week Uncluttered Course

The Uncluttered Course by Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist (Registration ends Sunday May 2nd, 2021)

Use code FF25 for 25% off

declutter your home

11. House Cleaning, Organizing or Decluttering Service

Can I get an amen!? For local friends, check out Organizing With Katie Love for decluttering and organizing services.

12. Pre-Made Frozen Meals

My mother-in-law did this for me for Christmas. It was brilliant, convenient and delicious!

13. Online Gym Membership or Exercise Class

14. Chatbooks, Shutterfly or Snapfish Gift Certificate

15. Wine or consumable gift baskets

16. Book and Coffee Gift Basket

I may be partial, but Messy Minimalism: Realistic Strategies for the Rest of Us, would make a fantastic Mother’s Day Gift.

messy minimaism

Messy Minimalism is a grace-based and relatable approach to living clutter free. It makes minimalism, which can at times feel out of reach and unsustainable, doable at every level. It’s a story driven book packed with vital mindset shifts and practical tips for not just decluttering your home but living clutter free for good.

17. ITunes Gift Card

18. Hello Fresh, Blue Apron or Grocery Delivery Service Credit

19. Window Washing Service

20. Audible Subscription

21. In-Home chef or cooking class

22. Restaurant gift certificate

Bonus points if you line up a babysitter.

23. Needed hobby accessories

This is not a time to gift her a new hobby to begin. Rather, consider her hobbies and what she needs for those. Is she into knitting, Cross Fit, canning, gardening, yoga, reading, writing, painting, biking, blogging or something else?

Don’t hesitate to ask her! A minimalist mom may not want to be surprised with accessories as they frequently edit and purchase strategically for their hobbies and homes. If you want to surprise a minimalist, surprise them with a new experience!

24. Family Photo Shoot

Give her a coupon good toward a spring photography session. If you are local, check out a couple of my favorite people. Jamie Lynn Photography and Kristy Photography.

Best gifts for minimalist moms
Photo Credit Kristy Photography This amazing lady photographed all of my babies from birth till now. I’m so grateful for her and those treasures.

25. Theater or Concert Tickets

Hamilton is coming back to my hometown in 2022 and I couldn’t be more excited!

26. Date night gift certificate

Bonus points if you line up a babysitter.

27. Replace a Beauty Product They are Running Low On

28. Salon or Spa Service

29. Book Her a Babysitter For a Day Out Alone

30. Gifts Handmade by my Kids

I’m a sucker for anything my kids make. If I’m being honest, I’m probably not going to keep it for all eternity. But the bonding it encourages is pretty special to me. They gleam with joy as I open it, and my heart warms because of their thoughtfulness. That moment right there is the most special to me.

Remember, savoring moments and memories is what the minimalist mom is after most of all.

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  1. What do you do when you are decluttering and your husband says your mentally ill in the head and doesn’t understand even if you explained it so many times and he is a packrat

    1. That can be so tricky! Have you tried not focusing on his stuff or even shared stuff and only focusing on your own belongings? Going first helped my husband really understand what I was after.

      Some people take more time. And even if he never gets fully on board, implement “less” where it is within your control. Give grace where it is not. A lot of my husbands “pack rat-ness” (is that a word?) had to do with my spending habits. He was trying to keep me from wasting money by saving everything. When I changed my spending habits, he saw I meant business. Hope that helps.

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