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I’m Rachelle Crawford. Founder of Abundant Life With Less, school nurse, wife to my high school sweetheart, and mother of three crazy kids.

I am passionate about our family’s transition from busyness, clutter and chaos, to intentionality, purpose and peace, through simply owning less.

Here, I make minimalism doable by sharing inspiration and practical strategies to help you live an abundant life without an abundance of stuff.

You can find me hanging out on Instagram.

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Our Story

Ah-ha moments usually take people by surprise and mine was no exception. Though, looking back I can see just how ready I was to dive head first into a life of less.

We had a lot of stuff. A LOT! I mean, if you came over for dinner you might not have noticed because I would have spent hours making it look nice by hiding much of our clutter in the laundry room. But in reality, we were bursting at the seams.

I was certain more space was the solution. At the time we were deciding between moving, adding a stall to our garage or squeezing extra cabinetry in our kitchen. We thought we needed a way to accommodate our stuff in order to be more organized.

But something just didn’t feel right.

While I was wildly in love with my little family, overwhelm had started setting in, hard. I remember sitting in my living at the end of the day feeling as if the walls were closing in on me. “Is this it?” I remember thinking. “Am I just here to manage stuff, run errands, rest, then repeat?”

Enter Minimalism.

In January of 2017, after a brief encounter with an actual minimalist, we started uncluttering our home with a vengeance and have never looked back.

As the physical clutter started to leave our home I could feel the mental and spiritual clutter leave as well. I regained focus on what was important, and within days, the peace in our home was practically palpable.

Slowly but surely this life of less unraveled my soul. Layer by layer I uncovered the life I’ve always wanted. Not wealth, status or the latest and greatest. Just an undistracted life of purpose.

While yes, life still gets messy and seasons become busy, it no longer defines us. My home has remained more streamlined since opting to live with less.

We were made to live an abundant life as Jesus talks about in John 10:10. I used to believe an abundant life came in the form of more. More wealth, stuff, success and status.

But what if living abundantly means peace, contentment, trust in His provision, faithfulness and closeness? More time to invest in what matters most? What if a rich and satisfying life doesn’t involve accumulation?

He makes all things new and our home was no exception.

The Blog

I initially started Abundant Life With Less as a way to document and share our journey with our family, the ones who were understandably, the most skeptical of our declaration.

Who did we think we were, becoming minimalists? It didn’t make any sense.

Now I write to share hope. If I can tackle clutter once and for all, so can you. When I realized my stuff was the problem everything changed. 

Here you’ll find real life minimalism. I share practical strategies to owning less, along with insight into what happens in the heart when we remove the excess and turn our attention toward what matters most.

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