Here you’ll find practical strategies to owning less, along with insight into what happens in the heart when we ditch the excess and turn our attention toward what matters most.


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best minimalist quotes

The 3 Quotes that Inspired Me to Become a Minimalist

Inside: Here you’ll find the 3 best minimalism quotes that inspired me most on my journey to become a minimalist.  Where were you when you first realized minimalism, or a…

how to declutter when you're short on time

How to Declutter When You’re Short on Time

 Inside: Don’t have time to devote to decluttering your home right now? Here you’ll learn how to declutter when you’re short on time. Early in my minimalist journey I recall…

home organization is a waste of time

3 Reasons Home Organization is a Waste of Time

Inside: My home is more organized today than when I used to spend countless hours organizing it. Here you’ll learn 3 reasons to stop organizing your home.  I love the…

Sleep Better at Night

3 Things I Quit to Sleep Better at Night

Inside:  We all know quality sleep is important, but getting it is more difficult for some than others. Here you’ll find the 3 things I quit to help me sleep…

Do more things that make you forget to check your phone.

Do More Things That Make You Forget to Check Your Phone

Inside: Here you’ll find six activities to help you do more things that make you forget to check your phone, and live a more present life. How much do you…

realistic decluttering goals

The Importance of Setting Realistic Decluttering Goals

Inside: Here you’ll learn the difference between decluttering, tidying, organizing and minimalism, and the importance of setting realistic decluttering goals that fit your real life.  The other day, as I…

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