Here you’ll find practical strategies to owning less, along with insight into what happens in the heart when we ditch the excess and turn our attention toward what matters most.


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minimalism might be for you

5 Signs Minimalism Might Be for You

Inside:  If you find yourself drawn to clear spaces and articles about simplifying your life, minimalism might exactly what you’re looking for. Here you’ll find 5 reasons minimalism might be…

Why and how to pack lightly

How to Pack Lightly + What I Packed for 8 Days in Italy

Inside: Here you’ll find why and how to pack lightly + an inside look at what’s inside my backpack for my eight-day trip to Italy. My sister called me up…

Finding minimalism

What Makes People Decide to Become Minimalists?

Inside: Here you’ll learn why I actually agreed with a negative-ish book review and what it is that drives us into minimalism. A few weeks back I read a Messy…

how to survive a busy season

How to Survive a Busy Season

Inside: Here you’ll find 3 strategies to help you not just survive a busy season, but to thrive in one. “I used to be afraid of failing at something that…

tough love decluttering tips

7 Tough Love Decluttering Tips

Inside: Here you’ll find five tough love decluttering tips to help you not only declutter your home, but live a clutter free life. We’ve all got that one person in…

decluttering kids artwork

Decluttering Kids’ Artwork: How to Display, Store and Trash It

Inside: Here’s an inside look at how we display, save and trash our kids’ artwork and school projects. If you’re a parent, it can be incredibly difficult to let go…

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