6 Signs It’s Time to Declutter Your Home

Inside: Here you’ll learn 6 warning signs telling you it’s time to declutter your home and the best available tool to help you get uncluttered for good.

We put up with a lot when it comes to our relationship with clutter.

Looking back, I don’t really know what took me so long to realize my excess stuff was the reason my home felt more like a storage unit than a sanctuary. For the longest time I thought I was just really bad at adulting.


Like many, I bought into the marketing that more was better. I willingly opened my home to the worst roommate of all: clutter.

Think about it. What if clutter were an actual roommate? How long would it take you to either forfeit your deposit and move or hand her an eviction notice?

Clutter has some bad habits that even the most tolerant person would refuse to put up with.

So, how do you know when it’s time to evict your clutter?

6 Signs It’s Time to Declutter Your Home

At first it feels like a match made in heaven. Adding clutter to your life can make things easier for a little bit. But the longer you live together, the more and more it takes over.

1. You Feel Like You’re Always Cleaning

Does it feel like you’re always cleaning up? Clutter takes a lot of time to maintain. Caring for it can seem like a never ending task. If you’re ready to devote your time to more enjoyable tasks, it’s time to let go.

2. You’re Constantly “Organizing” 

“Organizing” your clutter can make you feel like you’re making headway toward simplifying your home, but all you’re really doing is moving stuff around. If you constantly find your clutter dispersed throughout your home no matter how many times you designate a space for it, it’s time to declutter your home for good.

“If organizing your stuff worked, wouldn’t you be done by now?” -Courtney Carver

3. Your Favorite Items Keep Going Missing

Clutter is a thief! It steals your time, it steals your sanity and it steals the stuff you really love.

Does your clutter hide your favorite things? If you notice you’re sifting through piles of who knows what, just to find your favorite shirt, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to evict your excess. 

declutter your home

4. You Feel Irrationally Anxious at Home

I don’t know about you, but clutter has a tendency to bring out the absolute worst in me.

I’m never myself in the presence of chaos. That’s what clutter is, the physical manifestation of chaos. Even when life is going pretty well, clutter makes me irrationally anxious.

If you’re feeling the constant presence of chaos in your home, it may be time to let some stuff go.

5. You’re Easily Embarrassed by Your Clutter

When friends or family come visit, do you find yourself scrambling around in an effort to hide the evidence of your overly cluttered home? I know the feeling and it’s exhausting. It becomes easier to just not host people.

If your clutter is a constant source of embarrassment, it’s time to declutter your home. 

6. You Avoid Being Home

If you’ve gotten to a place where you avoid coming home all together, it’s absolutely time to declutter your home for good. The busy life can seem like your only option. However, avoiding your clutter only works for a little bit. Eventually it leaves you even more exhausted and frustrated than before.

The only real solution is the permanent eviction of your clutter.

Hand Your Clutter an Eviction Notice

When you first make the decision to evict your clutter, don’t be surprised if you start to second guess yourself. That clutter will make a good case against leaving, and you’ll constantly wonder if you’re making the wrong decision.

However, the more you keep at it, the easier it gets.

It may take many long weekends of blood, sweat and tears. Well, hopefully more sweat than tears and blood.

But when you finally haul the very last of your clutter to the curb, you’ll feel the sweetest sense of satisfaction and peace.

declutter your home

It wasn’t until my clutter was long gone that I fully understood just how draining and co-dependent it really was. 

Take it from me. Clutter makes a terrible roommate.

Your home should be your safe place, friend. If you’ve given up territory to the reign and rule of clutter, it’s time to evict it. It’s not always easy. Your clutter will try and cling to you like the relentless parasite it is. Trust me though. If you’re persistent, diligent and strategic, it’ll be sitting on the curb in no time.

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