Holiday Gift Ideas for Minimalist Adults in 2020

Inside: Here you’ll find five strategies to help you make holiday purchases with intention this year PLUS a list of gift ideas for minimalist adults. *For your convenience, this post contains affiliate links at no additional cost to you.

gift ideas for minimalist adults

This year, it’s more important than ever we give with greater intention. I’ve created this list of minimalist gift ideas for adults not because these are the only gifts minimalists are to receive this year, but to spark a little creativity as you curate your own holiday gift list. With the level of stress we are all experiencing this year, we are more susceptible than ever before to use retail therapy and impulse shopping as a quick fix to numb out and distract ourselves.

Before we get into the gift ideas, here are five tips to help you make more intentional purchases this holiday season.

1. Pay Attention to Your Stress Level

Avoid holiday shopping when you’re feeling especially stressed out. Now, I say “especially” stressed out because this entire year has upped our stress levels. It’s important we pay attention to our feelings and resist the urge to try and fix the chaos by buying more this season.

Instead of using online shopping as a distraction, go for a walk, call a friend, bake your neighbor a loaf of bread or get lost in a book. Whatever you do, don’t online shop while extra  stressed.

2. Get Creative

I always prefer giving experiences over things. This year, life looks a little bit different. Many experiences are unavailable to us. Giving experiences over stuff doesn’t have to mean a trip to Disney World instead of tons of toys. Consider ways you can gift stay-cation experiences as well. Perhaps it’s an Airbnb Experience, themed day, curated gift basket, local restaurant or Door Dash gift cards.

3. Make a List

Decide before shopping, exactly what you’re buying and who for. I use the notes app on my phone to keep a list of gift ideas starting around September. By the end of November I finalize what I’m getting for each person.

4. Be Intentional

The secret to gifting like a minimalist isn’t found in a gift guide, this one or any other. It’s not found in an Instagram ad or the holiday gift catalogue in your mailbox either.  No, it’s found in knowing the people you’re giving to well. Taking the time to really think about the types of items they would love and setting aside your own needs when giving. Just because you’e got a thing for vintage coffee mugs, doesn’t mean your sister does too.

5. Buy Local

Small businesses are hurting right now. Whenever possible, buy from local businesses in your very own community. Give gift cards to local restaurants, and use drive-up services to buy items you need. Whenever possible, help your neighborhood business by buying from them first.

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minimalist gift ideas for kids in 2020

Gift Ideas for Minimalist  Adults in 2020

Air BNB Experiences

AirBNB experiences went virtual and now it’s full of at home adventures for the whole family. You can talk with a shark scientist, learn to bake french macaroons or even book a magician. There are group and private lesson options for just about every experience.

Learn to Make Homemade Limoncello with Rosa, a tour guide from the Amalfi Coast

Paul and I did this experience and loved meeting Rosa and learning how to make Limoncello from her family’s recipe. She also taught us about the region and what makes lemons from the Amalfi Coast so special. My limoncello is currently infusing on my counter. Can’t wait to taste it!

gift ideas for minimalist adults

Digital Picture Frame

With this digital picture frame you can send pictures directly to a frame (connected to wifi) from your phone or computer. I love this gift, especially right now.

Blue Land Hand Soap

Spoiler alert: Everyone on my gift list this year is getting a Blue Land hand soap starter kit. We stopped buying disposable plastic soap dispensers and switched to Blue Land earlier this year. The eucalyptus lavender is my favorite scent. It’s a cost effective way to reduce waste and save space. Bonus: My kids love mixing up the new soap.

gift ideas for minimalist adults

Gift Baskets

I love a  good gift basket and it’s a great idea for all ages.

Theme ideas:

  • Movie night
  • Pizza night
  • Game night
  • Local restaurant & shops
  • Wine and cheeses tasting
  • Local beer
  • Sweet tooth
  • Baking
  • Grilling
  • Books and coffee/tea

Freezer Meals

I’ve requested a bag of frozen rolled grape leaves from my mom and frozen clam chowder from my mother in law. I’d love to receive the gift of not having to cook dinner.

Authenticity Calendar

This simple, beautiful calendar was designed by my sweet friend Erica Layne of the Life on Purpose Movement. It includes 365 inspirational quotes to help you live each day with greater intention.

gift ideas for minimalist adults

Wine or Fruit of the Month Club

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is a meal delivery service. You can select a plan that fits your life and family size, choosing from a variety of dietary options. Each week, or as often as you decide, all the ingredients you need  to make your meals will arrive on your doorstep.

Ring Door Camera

SimpliSafe Security System

Outdoor Gear

  • Bike
  • Helmets
  • Paddle board
  • Fishing poles
  • Hunting gear
  • Hiking gear

Bike Hitch Rack

Indoor Plants and Planter

In my experience, snake grass is a great indoor plant option for those of us who can’t keep plants alive.

gift ideas for minimalist adults


Here are my top five favorite reads this year:

Kindle Gift Card

Ancestry or 23andMe

Digital Gifts

Tame the Toy Overwhelm Workshop with Denaye Barahona PH.D
Hope*Writers Membership
Uncluttered Course (Opens for registration in January)
Simplify Magazine

Make a Donation In Lieu of a Gifts

Compassion International Gift Catalog 
Hope Effect
Weekend Survival Kits
Needs List at my local Lansing City Rescue Mission (Amazon Wish List)

I’d love for you to share any other clutter-free gift ideas in the comments. Have a wonderful holiday season friend and be safe.

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