Why We Don’t Need More “Decluttering Tips”

Inside: We’re drowning in decluttering tips. There are endless minimalist resources available it your fingertips yet we continually search for more. Here you’ll find why we don’t need more “decluttering tips” and what we need instead.

I’m not very good at keeping plants alive. It’s not entirely my fault. Plant murderer is likely hardwired into my DNA.

I do have one fortunate plant that has somehow managed to thrive here. However, I’m convinced she’s just a latchkey kid, keeping herself alive. There’s really no other explanation for it.

My good friend Zoë Kim of Raising Simple on the other hand, is a plant guru. In fact, she even has a degree in horticulture. She’s my go-to for all things plant related. Over the years, as my plants start to die, I reach out to her for CPR advice. “Help! How do I save this plant?

Decluttering Tips
Photo by Zoë Kim, author of Minimalism for Families, @RaisingSimple on Instagram

A few days ago, I picked up my phone to once again text Zoë for emergency plant help after noticing one of my succulents withering. However, this time I paused and set my phone back down because I knew what she was going to say.

I realized that I’ve asked her for advice many times, but never have I actually followed through and taken her advice. The very first question she always responds with is, “Does the pot have adequate drainage?” And every single time I respond with something like, “No, but it’s a really cute pot.

Needless to say, my plants have never been resuscitated, only replaced. When I text Zoë for advice, I’m not really looking for advice am I? No. I’m looking for a quick fix. A way to life-hack this plant back to full health without having to do the real work of properly caring for it.

We Don’t Need More Decluttering Tips

When it comes to decluttering and organizing our homes, we are drowning in quick tips, hacks and lists, while searching for more. There is an endless supply of advice at our fingertips, yet we’re always on the lookout for that one perfect tip to really make it sink in. A tip that allows us to get the results we’re after without having to change a thing.

I spent the first 10+ years of my adult life trying to find the perfect system, routine or strategy to help me better manage my home. In reality, what really needed changing was the fundamental way in which I approached material possessions all together. I didn’t need a laundry routine, I needed less laundry. I didn’t need a high-end organizational closest system, I needed less stuff in my closets!

Just as you can’t quick-tip your dying plants back to full health overnight, neither can one easy organization hack solve an underlying too much stuff problem.

home organization is a waste of time

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am a big fan of decluttering tips and plans. I’ve written many and they can be very helpful. Because we’re all in different seasons of life, what works for each of us is going to be unique to us. That said, these “tips and strategies” are much more effective when implemented on a solid foundation. If you want your efforts to stand a chance, start by adopting a minimalist mindset. It’s like putting your plant in the proper pot on day one, giving it the best chance of survival.

If you’ve found yourself decluttering over and over, or are feel as though this minimalism thing just isn’t a  good fit, it’s time to change your relationship with stuff altogether.

My book Messy Minimalism is loaded with practical strategies for decluttering your home. But more importantly, it offers a firm foundation of grace, sustainability, conscious consumerism and imperfection. It allows you to move at a personalized pace because it prioritizes developing a firm foundation over aesthetics.

Messy Minimalism will help you set aside the idea of creating a picture perfect, Insta-worthy minimalist living space so that you can finally create a clutter free home that fits you and your family.

Messy Minimalism Available Where Books Are Sold… or borrowed.

Sick of the clutter, but not quite sure “minimalism” as you know it is for you? You’re probably right. Minimalism as you know it, probably isn’t for you. It wasn’t for me either.

Messy Minimalism

Because of that, Messy Minimalism was born. Messy Minimalism is a doable, grace-based approach to living a clutter free life. It frees you up to embrace the mess, live with less and create an imperfectly perfect home for you.
Messy Minimalism is available NOW from your favorite book retailer.

For more information on Messy Minimalism head to MessyMinimalism.com

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