Not So Simple Living | On Becoming Minimalist

Not So Simple Living | On Becoming Minimalist

I’ve got to level with you, this simple living thing isn’t always so simple.

What began as a quest for less, unlocked a world of wonder.

In one course-altering, divine, yet unlikely encounter, I awakened to the realization that minimalism was the solution to my chaotic and overwhelming daily life. I’ve never looked back. It is a moment I will forever be grateful for.

I intensely and ruthlessly purged our belongings and it did not take long to feel the impact of living with less. It was the unfamiliar feeling of relief. I could breathe again.

This newfound peace soon began to migrate into the way I was spending my time. I found myself clearing my schedule with the same intensity I did my belongings. I figured that was it. I figured that was it.

Then, well, one thing leads to another. I should have known. It always does. Here I am, a year and a half later, a completely different person both inside and out.

You see, this minimalism is a tricky thing. She waltzes in dressed as simplicity and the next thing you know she’s unraveled your soul. There’s nothing simple about that.


Not So Simple Living

While minimalism is about your stuff, I’ve found it has very little to do with your stuff. 

As I journeyed toward a life of less, I was surprised to discover a world of complexity along the way. This not so simple life kept challenging my assumptions about myself and pressing me to transform areas of my life that, for so long, I let operate on autopilot.

This not so simple side of less, just may stir up parts of you that you’ve long given up on.  Here are handful of mine.

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Not So Simple Living

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2 years ago I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I had no capacity to mom on purpose.

Living with less has gifted me time, space and some much needed perspective of what truly matters most. Below is the link to my FREE Beginner’s Declutter Like a Minimalist Guidebook. It takes a deeper look at the 7 Steps to getting started highlighted in my popular post, Declutter Like a Minimalist.


Declutter Like a Minimalist Guidebook

2 thoughts on “Not So Simple Living | On Becoming Minimalist

  1. I can definitely relate to the dive into the simple life, getting acquainted with everything it uncovers, and discovering a new level of depth and meaning along the way. Our family of five’s tiny house adventure has been humbling, challenging to the utmost, and strengthening for whatever lies ahead. Thanks so much for your post!

  2. Hi, Rachelle! So happy to meet you! Sounds like we have a lot in common! I loved reading your post at Zoe’s, and it was such a blessing to come over and visit with you here. God bless you and your family as you continue to pursue a peaceful life. 😉

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