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 “If you don’t have time for things that matter, stop doing things that don’t.” -Courtney Carver

I was really good at the busy life. Well, the staying busy part that is. I mean, my laundry piled high, I was a frantic mess when I had to accommodate for sick kids, and my self-care and personal growth sat the bench. But boy did we keep moving.  For that, I was proud.

“Just a Minute”

One typical busy afternoon I gave my son the usual response. “Just a minute,” I said, for probably the fifth time that day. In my frustration with his lack of patience I looked up and saw the exact same look in his eyes staring back at me.

He could have been waiting an hour to ask me for a cheese stick, to untie a knot, or how in the heck babies get inside bellies. I was too distracted by my busy life.

I began to wonder if all he’d ever been doing was giving me “just a minute.”

Since my busyness was actually for them, I figured the least they could do was just “give me one more minute!” After all, perfect motherhood takes time.

However, this busyness was causing me to miss the very life I was striving to craft. In the spirit of gifting my kids a high quality childhood, I had forgotten that what they actually needed most was me.

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Kids Need Unbusy

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2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Your Kids Need You to Abandon the Busy Life | On Becoming Unbusy

  1. This really resonated with me. I’m in the process of making big changes in my life and one of the big reasons is to stop with the “just a minutes”. I think I’ll be digging into a lot of your resources to help me along the way. Thanks!


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