I don’t know about you, but I used to feel like I was drowning in my life. I mean, I LOVE my life, but for the most part I was in survival mode. Thanks to what I can only describe as an awakening, things in my home have changed significantly. Enter Minimalism.

I’m just so excited to document and share this major course change we have been undertaking as a family. It’s like a burden has been lifted. We have so much more peace in our home. As the physical clutter started to leave our home I could feel the mental and spiritual clutter leave as well. I regained focus on what was important.

I want to enjoy motherhood and I want my time on this earth to be used to bless others. I feel like there is finally enough breathing room left for giving.  I’m hoping to encourage anybody who feels like they are just doggy paddling through their days to consider working towards a more simple life. Don’t get me wrong, I want adventure. I want to travel. I want spontaneity. I want my kids to be able to create chaos in my dining room while they all paint at the same time. When the unnecessary is gone there is more room for the important kind of crazy. There is room for what brings us joy and what brings Glory to God.

He makes all things new and our home is no exception.